Teeth Whitening

Your teeth will darken over time. Changes in the color of your teeth can be caused by such factors as the food and beverages consumed (like coffee, tea, and soda). Other known factors for discoloration may include medications or illnesses, tobacco use, or improper oral hygiene.

If you’re looking for a fast way to dramatically whiten your teeth, we offer In-Office and At-Home Whitening Treatment.

In a little over an hour, this safe and effective system can give you the instant results you’ve been wanting. A specially designed light activates the Zoom! Whitening Gel to gently break down stains on your teeth to put the sparkle back in your smile!

You will be given some post-whitening care instructions after your procedure. It is important to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen post-whitening to preserve your bright, white smile. We also recommend occasional touch-ups with the Zoom! Take-Home Gel. Your smile will always be brighter than it was before the procedure, but by following these simple instructions, you can retain your results for a long time!

Zoom! Whitening is very safe while under the supervision of a trained dentist. It is one of the safest procedures in cosmetic dentistry. However, we do not recommend this procedure for pregnant women or children under age 13. Although the Zoom! System can help almost anyone, it may not be as effective in every case. We can determine if tooth whitening is a possible option for your case.

What to expect with teeth whitening services?

There are several steps to the in-office procedure:

  1. Your teeth are polished to remove any plaque or debris that has accumulated on the teeth’s surface or in between the teeth,
  2. A protective sealant is applied to the soft tissue surrounding the treatment area for protection.
  3. A bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied for the specified treatment time.
  4. A focused light source may be applied to the treatment area to activate the bleaching gel.

Tray whitening is a less expensive, more gradual alternative done in the convenience of your own home.

  1. An impression is taken at your dentist’s office to create a customized tray specifically for your teeth.
  2. Once your trays are ready, your dentist will schedule an appointment with you to discuss proper treatment techniques for you to follow.
  3. Before starting your treatment, you need to make sure your mouth is clean with a full brushing, flossing, and rinsing program.
  4. Trays are typically worn for about an hour a day for two weeks. After the two weeks, a follow-up appointment will be held to go over your progress and discuss any necessary next steps.



  • Limit your child’s consumption of sugary foods and beverages. When plaque combines with the sugars and starches, an acid is produced that attacks enamel on the teeth, and eventually causes decay.
  • Make sure your youngster’s diet includes a balance of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein, and dairy products. The nutrients found in these foods are crucial to his or her growth and health.
  • Look for sugar in unexpected places. Many foods that make up a balanced, healthy diet contain sugar — including fruit, some vegetables, and milk. The best time to eat these is during meals, not as a snack.
  • Speaking of snacks, limit your youngster’s snacking to only a few per day, and make sure they’re nutritious!
  • Fun foods, like candy and starchy snacks, should be reserved for special occasions, not everyday snacking.
  • When he or she is old enough, let your child chew sugar-free gum that carries the ADA seal. Chewing sugar-free gum increases saliva flow, which washes away food debris and neutralizes acids produced by bacteria.
  • Ensure your little one brushes twice a day and flosses to eliminate food debris that leads to harmful plaque and bacteria and causes tooth decay.