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Dr. Blake Upshaw

General Dentist 

Dr. Upshaw joined our practice in 2014. He is a graduate from South Forsyth High School in 2004. After obtaining a degree from the University of Georgia in 2009, Dr. Upshaw continued his education, graduating from the Dental College of Georgia in 2014.

Dedicated to advancing the field, Dr. Upshaw serves as a committee chairman for the Hinman Dental Society and is an active member of the Georgia Dental Association. His passion for dentistry extends to all aspects of the profession, ensuring comprehensive care for patients.

Beyond the clinic, Dr. Upshaw finds fulfillment in family life, sharing a happy marriage with their wife and raising three wonderful children.

Dr. Upshaw’s Dental Team

Lydia Caine,
Patient Coordinator

Damie Zavala,
Dental Assistant

Maggie Cole,
Dental Assistant